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To Blog, or Not to Blog

…that is my question.  In a way I feel as though I may be giving in to the pressures of the current state of “social media,” yet in another, I feel as though I am simply doing something that makes sense. Putting my thoughts, opinions and  feelings down in writing for all the world (but really mainly just my clients, friends and family) to see. I guess that also begs the question – is anybody out there?

Wikipedia (a popular online dictionary website) defines a Blog as:

“a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material”

I have actually never read a blog before, as I am sure neither have many of you that may read mine. But in discussions with various individuals that feel a Blog is a very good tool to be used to maintain and develop relationships in a client-centred service business, I have decided to see how it goes. As the definition suggests, I plan to maintain my blog by providing a variety of commentary on topics ranging mainly around my practice of accounting and taxes, but can also see me taking the time to comment on other topics such as the news of the day, business-related thoughts and even what may be occurring in my personal life.

I hope to perhaps enlighten, educate and even entertain at times. And as my Blog’s name suggests, perhaps open the proverbial “can o’worms,” or beans in my world, that may spark a lively discussion that we can have some fun with.

Stay tuned, and be sure to check back for more, and of course, please provide me with your two cents worth when you’re in the mood.

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