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Our Services

Hartrell & Kirkham - Chartered Accountants - List of Accounting and Income Tax ServicesAt Steve Kirkham CPA Professional Corporation, we offer all of the Features that you will find within most public accounting firms, including:

  • Full range of accounting and auditing services, and bookkeeping services
  • Preparation of corporate tax returns, personal tax returns and other government filings
  • Assistance in financing proposals
  • Assistance in start-up or wind-down phases of a company
  • Various types of government required filings

Where we feel that we extend above and beyond most public accounting firms is in the Benefits we attach to the features. Our firm develops a strong rapport with those which we do business with.

With each client project that we undertake, we prepare an Improvement Findings note to help the client uncover issues that may be holding them back. We list items that we feel “IF only you did the following… your success/growth could be realized”. These are things that come to our attention during the task at hand, and we make it a point to customize a note for each client.

In addition to the standard accounting services we can also help you in a variety of other financially related matters including personal financial planning, bank financing, start-up, budgeting and cost controls, estate and succession planning.

We have associations with a variety of other professionals, including US tax specialists, lawyers, etc. that we do not hesitate to call upon to provide our client with the best service.

We can handle any financial or tax situation that you may have

just ask us!

if we can’t help you directly, we can lead you to the right resources!