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Fun Page

At Steve Kirkham CPA – Professional Corporation, we take our role of helping our clients with the best possible service very seriously, but when the lights are out at the office, we like to have some fun. We like to try and adhere to the ‘work hard, play hard‘ motto. This page is dedicated to bring you some pictures of how our team spends their time outside the office. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have regarding our photos and the things we’ve done or places we’ve visited.

Staff Fun Stuff:

Just to prove that accountants are not all boring and do have a life outside the office, here are some photos taken over the years by the Kirkham Chartered Accountant team members.

Derek’s daughter Paige “flying high”.

Fort for Rent (at Derek’s cottage).

Sherry’s newest puppy addition to the family is Stella – a companion for Lucy!


Linda enjoys glorious winter day with family.


Steve spent 4 great days in northern Manitoba amongst the fish.



 Linda took the family winter hiking in the Adirondack Mountains and snapped a great photo at the summit of a 2.5 hour hike.


 Now that tax season is over, Sherry can put some of her attention towards her newly adopted family – Daisy and her “soon to be hatched” ducklings. They have taken up residence in her backyard, although I’m not sure the dog and cats are pleased. Keep tuned for more photos as our proud “Duck Gramma” follows their progress.



The staff and spouses enjoyed a little bowling action during their 2012 Christmas party outing.



 The staff went on a great fall hike in Halton Hills to the Limehouse Conservation Area. It was a great spot to enjoy some nice fresh air while taking a break from office life.




Check out our talented staff member’s carving ability!


 The team spent a fun, post tax-season day off participating in a car rally with a few other CA firms.

One of the tasks was to find something “pretty” for the boss to wear – can you spot what they came up with?

We came in a close 2nd (out of 3!), but vowed revenge for next year.



Andre’s daughter, Martina (far left), with her team winning gold at curling bonspiel in Feb 2012

Steve’s roadtrip to Florida – Aug 2011





 Linda’s family amongst the cacti in Texas over Christmas 2010.


 A photo of Linda taking a photo of one of the beautiful waterfalls in Ancaster, ON.


Linda Harris and her family went to “The Big Bend” for Christmas in Texas this year


In mid-November 2010, the staff headed out for a day of Geocaching. Essentially you get some coordinates (from the website, log them into a GPS and then head out in search of hidden treasures! It was a great day and although we only found 2 out of our 3 caches, we were happy to be outdoors.



On June 10th, we all went on a wine tour in Niagara Falls. Check out our photos of the day!




Steve, Justin and Erin took advantage of March Break 2010 and some great St. Patty’s day
weather to ski at Blue Mountain. At around 15C, it was even warm enough for shorts!


Gavin took advantage of the great weather and was thrilled to be able to ski in his t-shirt.
Of course, he’s not yet up to the big slopes like his siblings, but we’re guessing he’ll
be bombing by them soon!


Steve had the opportunity to try dogsledding while in Yellowknife
on aclient site visit. The dogs were extremely strong and anxious – even getting
them to stop for this quick photo was a chore.


Steve and Sherry with the 2 oldest ones, Erin and Justin, enjoying some time
in Cuba for a family wedding in 2006. The weather was not the greatest
(the kids only went in the pool one day which says a lot), but there were
about 30 family members down there together, so a great time was had by all.


Gavin taking Steve for a ride on his new toy – (un)fortunately it was
on dry land, they’re still hoping for a real one to ride!


Sherry K and Sherry S celebrating a milestone B-day
(not able to disclose which one though).


Steve and Sherry enjoying some great conditions (over 3 feet
of snow in 4 days) at Whistler back in January 2008. It was their
first trip there and the skiing was awesome as was the après ski!


Before coming to work with Kirkham Chartered Accountant, Sherry had a conference in Vegas
which Steve managed to sneak in on. They stayed at the
Venetian and had a great time being spoiled by Sherry’s previous company.


Over the summer, Steve loves to spend time down at the
cabins, and between all the maintenance duties, manages to get in a
little fishing. Unfortunately the emphasis on “little” – he has yet to land the “big one”.


Steve with Erin and Justin back in March break of 2007 when they
went down to Mt. Orford in the Eastern Townships. The whole family
was there and were able to get in about 4 days of skiing amongst the
various hills in the area. This picture shows the kids’ first trip in
a gondola (definitely beats the T-bar!).


Sherry Skippen and her brother Lloyd Funk celebrating their
nephew’s wedding in August 2009 out in Alberta.


Linda Harris holding her dog (Jax) and enjoying a day with her family on
the Bruce Trail at Websters Falls in 2010. (can you spot the dog)


On a visit back to China in 2008, Andre and his family were able
to spend some time at the beach on Hainan Island.


Sherry Skippen sitting on the dock in August 2009.
This is the view from Point Au Baril Ontario.
Lucky to have friends kind enough to share this piece of heaven.