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Are you Kidding Me?

It’s been a bit since my last (and first) blog entry, but my one reader has been quite adamant that they are not the only reader and promise that the world is waiting to hear from me again. Posting a blog every month or two will definitely not get me on top of any “hit list” but I’ll try to improve my numbers.   Although, I don’t ever see myself “tweeting” each and every thought I have every day!

My thought of the day centres around what seems to be the only topic in the press these days – the G8/G20.  And although that is all that is in the press, does anyone really know what it is all about?  The only info I get is where and what the latest protest rally is about.  Of course the big issue is the cost – over a billion $ ?? – are you kidding me?  How is these even possible?

I imagine if you are like me, that amount of money is pretty much unfathomable.  I think I heard that the last one cost about $27M.  Even that is a large amount given that the general public is not really sure exactly what takes place.  As on of my colleagues commented – have they not heard of tele-conference?  One thing I know – I did not receive any of the $1B spent!

My other thought on these summits is that as local GTA residents we are really only aware of the issue since it is in our backyard.  These sorts of things take place all the time, and i’m sure wherever they are, the locals are disrupted and huge amounts of money is spent.  I would really hate to add up all the costs associated with these in even just a given year.

Thankfully we have the politicians to take care of all that accounting, and since they are the ones spending it, I am sure they are giving us the true figures!  But don’t be surprised if the Auditor General reports next year that the actual costs were more like $2B!  By the way, is that not the amount spent by BP over the last several months trying to clean up the Gulf?  The fact we can spend that much for a 3-4 day conference is mind boggling.

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